Download LGEO library here .
Long time has passed. People thought LGEO also had passed.
Here it is again.

Since the first versions, online communities have grown a lot, computers are way faster, so a heavily increased number of people may be interested in doing renderings of their creations. Also, you should be able to render your old POV-Ray files with the new LGEO files.

Starting in 1997, I tried to work any commonly known fixes into the old parts. Though I missed to note the names of all people collecting fixes, I highly appreciate their work keeping LGEO in use for all the years.
I changed to use POV-Ray 3.1 syntax, so not that many warning should show up. All parts have been checked and reworked to show stud logo is correct orientation, I this optin is used.

L2P is discontinued. In cooperation with Lars C. Hassing, we decided how to make it easier for the future to include new LGEO parts to be used by L3P without Lars having to guess the strange binary files contents. L3P is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

For now, just a quick link to the archive on top of the page. Download and unzip to your LDRAW directory. If you want to keep old LGEO installation, rename your old LGEO folder before. Depending on your OS, you might need to check for upper or lower case in the folder name. By default, it is all lower case.

Additional information about installation, usage, changes of implementation and conditions about utilization can be found in the documentation.

More to come.

© 2008 El-Lutzo